August 9, 2021 · Sotent Build In Public

Two weeks into #buildinpublic and I'm loving it

I'd heard about building in public a few months ago but it wasn't until two weeks ago I took it seriously and it has opened my eyes to an amazing community which is full of support, advice and genuinely great people.

Building something is great, it provides a challenge, highs, lows and experiences that you could never have imagined. But sometimes you just don't have the audience to launch it or even engage with. That's where the #buildinpublic community comes in, you can validate your idea, find early access testers, get some feedback on your user interface and find some great people who can help you grow your audience just by sharing your content.

About two weeks ago I started tweeting about building my latest product: Sotent in public. And in that time the build in public community has motivated me to really push hard with my product, I've also connected with some fantastic people who are on a very similar journey which has inspired me, and finally I've grown my audience a very small amount but at the end of the day every new member of my audience is a new potential user for Sotent.

To sign off, I'd like to thank all the people that I've connected with over the past week or so who have welcomed me into the community, inspired me and motivated me to build great software in public. And remember, just by adding a short hashtag to your content you can be part of a great community. If you are building in public too make sure you reach out to me on Twitter I'd love to hear what you're building and I'd be more than happy to provide some feedback for your product if you're looking for some advice.

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