August 8, 2021 · Rebuild Ghost

My Blog is now built with Ghost

Recently I rebuilt my blog. Like most devs I've rebuilt it multiple times and wanted to build that never version with technology that I don't get to use a lot. So, I used Nuxt.js for the frontend and built a simple app with Laravel that would allow me to create the content in a simple UI and then the Nuxt application would consume that content from the Laravel application's API and at first it was great. It made development really quick as I was comfortable with Laravel and Vue so learning Nuxt was a lot easier than learning Next.js or some other comparable framework.

I was wrong

Really wrong. I love Laravel and Vue but for my blog they just wasn't for me. I wanted some I could easily maintain, easily write content and had features like tags built in. Both of them didn't provide me with any of this. If I wanted to add tags functionality I would need to build it myself. Here's the thing, I didn't want to build anything like that, I didn't want to write tests for anything like that. Call me lazy, but I just wanted to write content. I started to neglect my blog, it became a habit to not write anything yet I had loads of things I wanted to write about. A change was needed and the Laravel & Vue solution wasn't working.

Research began

Temptation set in and I wanted to explore a new framework or technology for the latest iteration of my blog. I thought shall I explore Ruby and build it with Rails? What about Svelte with a Laravel API? I liked the look of using Adonis too.

Then I heard it, the voice in my head saying "Stop wasting your time, and use Ghost. You know it's great and you already know how to use it". And you know what, for the first time ever, I listened. I knew Ghost, I loved it, it was fast, simple and fantastic for building blogs.

The rebuild happened

One afternoon, I sat down and rebuilt my blog with Ghost. I wanted to use a theme that was simple and I didn't want to have to build everything myself. So, I started looking for a theme that had done a lot of the setup for me, and had a nice design for the blog pages and to my luck I found one called Crisp by Kathy Qian. It had everything I wanted, a simple design, support for customisation and just brilliant at being a blog. I got to work and finished the blog today, and then straight away wrote this post. Then I published the site to DigitalOcean, setup my domain and here we are.

Shameless plug

I'm currently working on a new project called Sotent which is built for social media creators, influencers and teams to craft and publish their best content. Make sure to follow on Twitter to stay up to date!

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